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There are almost as many beer styles as there are stars in the sky. For example, have you ever enjoyed an ale during a party with friends? If so, you're likely familiar with this beer style's full-bodied and malty taste. Ale beers can be pale, amber-colored or dark, based on the color of the malt. Let's not forget porter, a type of ale with dry and roasted flavors.
If you prefer a hoppier and more bitter taste, try India pale ales (IPAs), which feature notes of fruits, citrus and pine. American pale ales (APAs) are similar to IPAs, but they contain American hops.
Lager beers are crisper than ales, with a pleasantly light flavor that makes them easy to drink. Most lagers are pale, but you'll also find some dark varieties. They frequently have a lower alcohol content than ale, as well as a smoother taste.
Stout beers are dark and full-bodied, with a creamy texture. With dry stouts, sweet stouts and oatmeal stouts, there's a style to satisfy everyone's taste buds. For something different, consider cider, which comes from apples instead of malt. Hard ciders are on the lighter side in alcohol content but contain bubbles for a refreshing drink.


An alcoholic beverage made by distilling a fermented mix of grains, fruit or vegetables, a spirit encompasses a variety of styles, so there's something for everybody. Generally, spirits fall into six broad categories, including brandy, gin, whiskey, vodka, tequila and rum. Depending on the type, alcohol by volume (ABV) ranges from at least 20% all the way up to 55%.


Whiskey is one of the most popular alcoholic drinks in the world. This category again divides itself into other varieties, including Irish whiskey, American whiskey, Scotch whisky, Japanese whisky, blended whiskey and more. Yes, depending on where the whiskey is made, it's spelled either with or without the "e." Bourbon is a famed version of American whiskey with a smooth texture and sweet, rich flavor.


Vodka hails from Poland and Russia, and it counts fermentable sugars such as rye, barley or potatoes as its main ingredients. It's a colorless, odorless and nearly flavorless drink that fans love to sip neat or on the rocks. Its neutral flavor makes it a great ingredient to create famous cocktails such as the Moscow mule or the cosmopolitan.


Brandy comes from fermented fruit juice that's distilled. Grape is the most popular fruit used in brandy, but apples, apricots or peaches are common, too. A popular style of brandy is cognac, which must derive only from the Cognac region in France. It must feature 90% of stipulated grape varieties, making it low in alcohol with a crisp acidic flavor.


Tequila is a distilled alcohol crafted from the blue agave plant. The popular liquor can only come from one of five districts in Mexico. The flavor of tequila varies depending on its type. Enjoy it over ice, or use it to make refreshing cocktails such as martinis and margaritas.


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Wine is an alcoholic drink where grapes are the star of the show. Wines usually contain water, alcohol, aromatics, acids and tannins that come together to give each style its distinct flavor and character.


Although this nectar of the gods may come across as a simple alcoholic beverage, several complex factors give each variety its own distinct flavor, aroma, acidity and sweetness. Most are mild to moderately acidic and, depending on the variety, can be mildly sweet or very sweet. Dry varieties have no sugar content. Different varieties have complex aromas, with some featuring the fragrance of berries, while others have a floral scent. Where the grapes are grown will also change the flavor of the wine. Vineyards in Napa Valley or Sonoma, for example, will produce different grapes than a winery in Tuscany due to the difference in climate, soil, sun exposure and many more factors.


The two most popular varieties include white and red wines. These varieties further divide into sub-types, giving you a range of options to choose from. There are, of course, wines made up entirely of one grape variety. Many winemakers also create blends that can give you the best of two or more varieties. Reds have soft and rich flavors with velvet finishes, while white wines feature crisp and refreshing palettes with floral scents and fruity notes.


Popular types of red include cabernet sauvignon, merlotsyrahpinot noir and more. Cabernet sauvignon is a full-bodied red wine, featuring black fruit flavors and a hint of spices and oak.


White wine types include chardonnaysauvignon blancriesling and more. Wine connoisseurs love chardonnay for its citrusy notes and tropical flavors. The dry style is the ideal choice for those who love their wines crisp and acidic.


Sparkling wines are for those celebratory moments in life when you want to cork open a bubbly to enjoy the special occasion. Sparkling varieties are usually white or rosé, but they also come in red. To round off a meal on a sweet note, try one of the many delectable dessert wines.


Planning a wine tasting at home? Consider some general rules to keep in mind when planning a food menu around wine. The wine you're serving must be more acidic than your dishes and should not be sweeter than the food. The flavor of the beverage and the food must match to a degree. Red varieties pair well with boldly flavored recipes, while white types go well with light dishes such as chicken or seafood.


When selecting the wine for your party - consider thinking worldly. You may not be able to travel to a winery in Sonoma, but that doesn't have to stop you from sipping a California zinfandel. But why not try something from the United States as well? Winemakers all over the world are dang good at their craft, after all.


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