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Hey, We’re Runner UK!


Five years ago, Runner started as a simple university project where we had to create a business, so sitting in our uni flat we asked ourselves, “Why can't you get alcohol delivered?" When we realised that alcohol delivery was, in fact, legal, we set out with a little bit of luck and a lotta bit of determination to build a small company that would change the way we shop for beer, wine, and spirits.


Today, Runner is one of the largest delivery marketplaces for alcohol in the Brighton & Hove Area. Our purpose is to be there when it matters – committed to life's moments and the people who create them. We partner with retailers to deliver to our 2500+ Brighton & Hove Customers.

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Join over 2500+ happy users!

Cheapest Delivery Fees

Having fun shouldn't be expensive so we aim to keep our delivery fees and prices, in general, more competitive than local/the big vendors!

1000's of your favourite brands

Smirnoff, Red Label, Corona, Stella, Strongbow, Jack Daniels, Heineken, Glen's, and many many more drinks to make your good night even better!

Community Support

Submit requests for new items, and have a say in what you buy! We are constantly looking for feedback to improve our service & stock list - feel free to contact us!

What else do we do?

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As well as cheap delivery fees Runner UK offers a wide range of fresh groceries, household items and more. Grocery delivery is available 24 hours, we make the trip to the supermarkets and convenience stores to make sure your grocery delivery needs are always met. If you’re looking for a cheap and convenient way to get your groceries delivered, Runner UK is definitely worth checking out.

We provide only the best groceries at the best prices.

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